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Swipe to uncomplete

chocko says:

I'd also like to see this feature. I have some lists where I keep commonly used tasks, and I move them back to Incomplete from time to time as needed. It takes a lot of taps...
markaceto says:

It would be easier to swipe a complete item uncomplete rather tap five times to do so. In fact, a batch (edit style) uncomplete would be really fast.

Posted at 10:45pm on November 13, 2008

Posted at 7:12pm on March 7, 2010

procopio says:

I would love this!
Also an edit button on the completed tasks so you can select multiple and uncomplete them.

Posted 4 years ago

scotto says:

Yes, please add a swipe or batch uncomplete feature. This would be handy for a master shopping list or commonly done items.

Posted 4 years ago

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