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Windows Live Calendar integration

raul.montenegro7 says:

I would love to see some kind of integration with windows live calendar, much like what you have with google

Posted at 7:32am on December 2, 2009

nfleming says:

There is certainly a need for integration with Windows Live Calendar.

Posted 5 years ago

ogatby says:

Do agree - since it is one of the worlds most used.

Posted 5 years ago

bas_w says:


Posted 5 years ago

wizzard0 says:

I second this, too.

Posted 5 years ago

angelakpea says:

I third this! And fourth! Pretty please!

Posted 5 years ago

petr.tarant says:

Good idea

Posted 4 years ago

jensburmeister says:

Jupp, I would like to have this too

Posted 2 years ago

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