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Option to show the sidebar on the left in Google Calendar

cptwasp Pro says:

Only a very small feedback about the new gadget for GCal. Given the GCal look I think that an option to put the sidebar to the left, under "Other Calendars", would be very nice. I use the monthly view, and on a 19" monitor the sidebar on the right takes a lot of room to the calendar. Besides this, I keep the "My calendars" and "Other calendars" menu closed, so I have a lot of room there.

Posted at 8:45am on November 19, 2009

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

I suspect this request would need to be directed to Google, as I don't see any way for the end-user or for RTM to elect where the gadget appears.

Posted 4 years ago

willdye says:

I agree that adding right-side widgets leaves too little room for the important information in the middle. As ranbarton noted, the ball appears to be in Google's court. A quick search on the Google forums shows that we're not the only ones making such a request:


I'm guessing that Google will offer the option someday, so for now we just have to wait for those horribly picky Quality Assurance people to approve the code changes (note: I work as one of those horribly picky QA people, though not for Google).

William L. Dye
Software Enginerd (QA department)

Posted 4 years ago

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