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Search both task names and notes by default

stuart.logan says:

Suggest making the search function more google-like. I tried to search for a word within a note and couldn't find it. Had to select that I wanted to search there.

I would say Searching is one of the most important features in the app. Lose the advanced tab and search everything by deafult. Cheers.

Posted at 6:49pm on April 23, 2006

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Thanks for your feedback!

Just thought I'd also mention that it's possible to specifically search notes from the regular search box (without using the advanced form). For example:


Hope this helps!

Posted 9 years ago

norz says:

+1 for Stuart's suggestion: I'd like to search into titles *and* notes by default. :)
Maybe you could add a preference item for this, if you think people would generally prefer to search only into the title.

also: when I search the forum "Ideas" for "search notes", the result list is empty, strange...

Posted 9 years ago

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