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Support a -begin- tag (similar to -end- tag)

evvjvp says:

Would there be any way to add a -begin- tag to the e-mail inbox parser, similar to the current -end- tag?

Here's my problem: I want to add tasks using an automated e-mail, but I don't have complete control over the body of the message. In particular, there is some beginning text over which I have no control. This has the effect of the entire message body getting slurped up as a note on the task.

I'd love to see a -begin- tag, that would make the parser ignore everything before it, and then start parsing the message for a task. That would allow me to add tasks even without complete control over the message. So, my e-mail would look like this:

From: automated_mailer@some.domain
To: rtm_inbox_address@rmilk.com

Body text here blah blah. I have no control over what gets printed in this section... but there is a section that I do control, below. It's a place that I can add my own notes to the email, and here it is:

Notes for this e-mail:
Task: Foo
Due: Thursday

Other text goes here. blah blah blah.

Does this make sense? Any possibility to implement this tag, or other suggestions for me? Thanks!

Posted at 3:52pm on September 9, 2009

fredrik.doberl says:

Yes, it would make sense

Posted 3 years ago

mcluff says:

Yes. That would help with Evernote integration, since Evernote slaps a "Sent by Evernote" prefix on their sent messages, so it adds steps to list importing into RTM.

Posted 3 years ago

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