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In Smart Add, when an auto-complete item is selected and you press 'tab', keep the cursor in the field

wcitypoe says:

I'd suggest a change of behavior with the Tab key when it's in the Smart Add field.

I'd suggest it behave as it does in the 'tags' field of delicious.com, where once a menu item is selected, Tab autocompletes that but doesn't exit the field.

In other words, at delicious.com, it's:

(1) g-o-o-d-i
(2) [system highlights 'goodideas' tag in dropdown]
(3) Tab key
(4) tag field now says 'goodideas' with a space after it and has the cursor blinking right after that space

Here, it's:

(1) g-o-o-d-i
(2) [system highlights 'goodideas' tag in dropdown]
(3) Tab key
(4) cursor exits Smart Add field

That second behavior is less useful.

Posted at 10:08pm on September 8, 2009

vjcamarena says:

i like this.

Posted 6 years ago

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