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Edit multiple tasks at once

bunchbob says:

it would be awesome to do multi-edit on the iphone app. Just like Apple's mail app you can move multiple messages to a folder, it would be great to be able to move multiple tasks to a folder, or give multiple tasks the same tag at one time. this would really take the iPhone app to the next level

Posted at 12:49pm on August 28, 2009

Launchedemily (Remember The Milk) says:

We've just launched version 3.0, which allows you to edit multiple tasks at once (yay!). Please see the blog post for more details.

Posted 3 years ago

trantjd says:

I completely agree! It's jarring to have to switch my techniques between the web app and the iPhone app. On the web, I often select a bunch of tasks if I want to assign all of them to a specific due date or add a tag. I still find myself selecting multiple tasks on the iPhone and then realizing that my only options are complete or postpone. The web method works great and the iPhone should handle multiple tasks selected in the same way!

Posted 4 years ago

rtmraphael says:

Given that this feature has been added to both the iPad and android apps, I gotta thin (hope) it's coming soon.

Posted 4 years ago

blesserx says:

I like the way of iPad and Android versions

Posted 3 years ago

orth says:

the same for android!

Posted 3 years ago

henrikba Pro says:

The implementation in iPad works great, and I would love to see this on iPhone as well! Especially when doing reviews of lists on the go, this would be a big time-saver!!

Posted 3 years ago

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