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Show list name in Smart Lists

adambox says:

I LOVE in the iphone app how you show the name of the list a task is in when viewing a smart list. I would love it even more if you had this feature in the web app as well.


Posted at 5:44pm on July 10, 2009

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

If you rely on tags and smartlists, then you can use the tags to accomplish this exact request, as they do appear - works like a charm.

Posted 5 years ago

iamjud says:

I've just tried the Android App and I also love how it shows the list name under each task. I think this should be an option in the web app too. If the user were able to customise alignment and visibility of tasks that would be a bonus. For example on a smart list which is showing all tasks tagged with @work I don't want to see @work next to every task; I want to the the list the task is on.

Posted 5 years ago

mark.r.stoneman says:

I would also love to see the list listed. I don't want to use tags for this purpose, as @ranbarton suggests, because I have different tags and lists for my own organizational purposes.

I also like how I can see the list an item belongs to when I view an item by tag on my iPad. I wish I could see that in the web interface. As things now stand, I sometimes find myself with both my computer and iPad open, though I'd much rather just stick to the computer when I'm at my desk, simply because I type faster in it.

Posted 3 years ago

jlasimmons Pro says:

I also think this is one of the nicest features in the iPhone app and would love it to appear in the web interface.

Posted 3 years ago

haemoglobin says:

Agree - I use tags and lists for different purposes. I would really like to see the list name appear in smart lists (as well as the tags).

Posted 2 years ago

haemoglobin says:

I have just converted all of my lists to tags and smartlists, had to rejig things around a bit but I'm pleased I've done so now since things looking tidier with the tag cloud and smart lists only (plus the tags being displayed in smart lists of course)

Posted 2 years ago

dennisjaffe Pro says:

I so very much want this feature in the online desktop version, too. If it isn't available or planned, I too will definitely have to consider using tags only instead of lists.

Posted 2 years ago

mattrix007 Pro says:

I'd say that it should always show the list a task is on (unless *ONLY* that non-smart list is viewed).

In a search or smart list view, I want to see what list a task of mine belongs to. I don't see this having been set up and wasn't sure how to hunt for whether someone else has made the suggestion.

I use smart lists and searches a lot and that's where I'd want to see them.

The idea of using tagging is fine, but since I don't find you can "move" a bunch of tasks to a tag or have inheritance (if you add a task to a smart list, that the task inherits the tags and such of the smart list), to me it means I'd have to do a lot of editing.

Hence, I've pretty much given up on tagging at the moment -- it just seems like too much work.

Posted 2 years ago

thisjones Pro says:

This look on the Android app is fantastic and does not draw away from the simplicity of the site. Would be great on the website as well.

Posted 2 years ago

ooomalley says:

I'm just getting started but I would also love for the smart list to show the original list name of a task.

Posted 2 years ago

ceduchess Pro says:

I use lists for my different work projects instead of lists with sub-tasks and it works like a charm. I use tags a completely different way and don't want to combine them. The problem is that when I go to look at all the things I have to do at the office in my smart list, I can't tell what project that task is for unless I select it.

This is one of the best features of using it on the iPhone and I can't understand why it doesn't show on the web. Please implement this feature!

Posted 1 year ago

spazthecat says:

Throwing my vote in for this feature as well.

Posted 1 year ago

deraty says:

It is an essential feature. Actually I emailed support team about this before seeing this thread.

What I wrote to them was:

I have different lists with different email and SMS notification setting
is relative google calendar lists. So, which tasks go to which list are
important - so, the possibility to enter a wrong task to wrong list will a
bit mess the notification settings, and an important task can get a few
notifications. It is easy to enter a wrong task (after mistakenly entering
it to a wrong list). So - is there any way to see which task is in which
list when we view them in "all tasks" list? So we can verify everyhing at
one look? Otherwise we will have to select all lists one by one, and
checking if all tasks over there are in good order, which is a longer
process and more open for mistakes. So can we see the tasks list names, as
we can see the tags, in "all tasks" list?

Posted 1 year ago

deraty says:

So as I wrote above - the tags will not work as effective as lists. I am using different notification settings for different lists in Google Calendar - so making tags won't work.

Posted 1 year ago

tim.d.smith Pro says:

would still really love this!

Posted 11 months ago

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