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An on-the-go list, like on-the-go playlists on the iPod

minipark says:

Hi guys,

I want to propose a feature that would allow me to create lists of tasks, consisting of some pre-existing tasks which can't otherwise be easily found through a search. This would be cool to compile a special list of the things I want to do today or in the next 2 hours. And I want to sort this list manually to receive the order in which I wish to complete the tasks.

Something like On-the-go-playlists on the iPod.

Posted at 5:47pm on July 7, 2009

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

I like this idea - I can see it being handy to all sorts of users.

In the meantime, I guess adding a tag (e.g., onthego) and searching on that, is a decent kludge to accomplish the idea.

Posted 6 years ago

danielf847 says:

I agree with ranbarton, intriguing, but I don't feel like it should be a priority for the development team :-)

Posted 4 years ago

danielf847 says:

I have been using priorities (I don't use the priorities in the standard way) so I would use priority 1 to be my on the go task list. (which I call my &now )

Posted 3 years ago

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