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Remember The Milk t-shirts

danielcabreratoyos Pro says:

I would love to have a T-shirt with the cow head. Any chance to produce T-shirts, like FireFox or something like that?

Posted at 11:51am on April 22, 2009

el.dirco says:

I totally agree. One for me, too, please.

Posted 6 years ago

gmonty says:

What about a shirt to fit a cow?

Posted 6 years ago

relevart Pro says:

Great idea, woudl buy one :)

Posted 4 years ago

oaf357 says:

I'd buy one. Just don't make only one though; IT guys need color too.

Posted 4 years ago

artembeloglazov says:

Like this )

ps my wife presented it yesterday

Posted 4 years ago

xucathe Pro says:

I've suggested this along with other merchandise like mugs and plushie. If we can get enough users we should be able to pull it off? Just recently Fruit Ninja released their store...

Posted 3 years ago

fireweed says:

great idea!

Posted 1 year ago

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