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Group by tag

michaelcaruso says:

It would be great if there was a printable list that grouped tasks by tags. So that, if I had "calls," "email," and "errands" tags, the printable list would show all of my tasks, but the tasks would be grouped under their respective tag headings.

Posted at 11:04pm on February 20, 2009

milkiglo says:

Hey Michael, you can accomplish this with a smart list. A smart list is a search that you save and it updates automatically. It is sweet.

Do a search for tag:email. You'll see everything tagged 'email'. From this list you'll see the 'Save' tab on top of the floating information bar on the right. Hit that and then see the blue smartlist-that you can print from.

Check out RTM's how to for smartlists if that was not clear. And-sounds like you're a GTD kinda guy. Do a google search for 'RTM blog GTD' for using smartlists for contexts and next actions.

Posted 6 years ago

michaelcaruso says:

Thanks @milkiglo. I actually know about smart lists, but I was hoping to be able to print out all of my tasks in one set (with multiple groups) without having to print out 7 different smart lists. Your approach certainly works though! Thanks again.

Posted 6 years ago

aron.grinshtein says:

On the printing lists topic:

It would be nice if you could print out your lists smaller than they are printed in the default RTM.

Maybe to incorporate it with a pocketmod. www.pocketmod.com

Posted 6 years ago

amnisjonas Pro says:

This would be nice in the interface also. A grouping header like in outlook

Posted 3 years ago

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