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Include 'priority' in the task details box on the right

jphalip says:

Currently, you can modify pretty much anything about a task by typing in the fields present in the right-end side floating bar (e.g. url, location, date, etc.)... except for the priority.

I like the hotkeys, but having that extra field in the floating side bar would also be very useful and would make the prioritisation process much easier. Could this be added?

Thanks a lot,


Posted at 11:25pm on January 24, 2009

vjcamarena says:

oh, I've thought about this VERY often. Agreed!

Posted 6 years ago

davidscottweaver says:

Agree 100%, I went so far as to creat a smart list that tells me when I've forgotten to prioritize something (I forget that often since it isn't where it "should" be... with the other parameters.

Posted 6 years ago

guice says:

Dito, that is axactly what I have done also...

Posted 4 years ago

dayoung24 Pro says:


Posted 4 years ago

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