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Add tasks via Jabber

liliana.ziolek says:

I was just thinking if you could add a possibility of adding a task via jabber (just like by sending an e-mail)? It could be formatted in the same way as e-mails. It came into my head because of jogger - blog system that allows you sending notes via jabber.

Posted at 9:43am on February 2, 2006

baldo says:

should be nice!

Posted 9 years ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Liliana, thanks for the suggestion! We've been thinking about allowing further interaction with tasks via instant messenger.

Posted 9 years ago

elwell says:

any progress on this - it'd be fabby!

Posted 6 years ago

sensesearcher says:

I'm waiting for this feature to begin using RTM constantly. Please make it real!

Posted 6 years ago

christopher.grebs says:

I guess that feature will make rtm much more usable; using Jabber on the Desktop and E-Mail on the mobile phone (yet more supported than instand messaging) is a very good alternative to the web-interface.

Please make this possible!

(whom's wondering if a pro account was a bad idea since no features I was suggesting ever were approved)

Posted 5 years ago

miksa says:


Posted 5 years ago

dennis.mb Pro says:

at least the smartadd-feature for your inbox.

twitter interface seems interesting, a pity they discontinued ther xmpp-support :(

Posted 5 years ago

tgl Pro says:

to christopher.grebs:

As an alternative to the web interface I have coded this little Windows application, that allows you to quickly add tasks from your desktop. It uses the smartadd features making it easy to add due dates, tags etc.

See this post:

Posted 5 years ago

purebill says:

I've made a very simple jabber bot to add tasks to RememberTheMilk. Just add it into your contacts and send him a message: jabber2rtm@bot.im

It is in very Alpha phase...

Posted 4 years ago

michael.mior says:

I concur! This would be quite handy. Actually, I was surprised that this isn't supported given that tasks can be easily expressed in a single message using Smart Add.

Posted 4 years ago

purebill says:

RememberTheMilk jabber bot has been mooved to jabber-rtm@appspot.com

Now its much faster.

Posted 4 years ago

jasonwilk says:

Yes please.... +1

Posted 4 years ago

mahendrans says:

i add jabber2rtm@bot.im to mahendran90 account but i now deleted that account and i created an new account with mahendrans ....
But still in gtalk i get old account details...
Plz... Help me to remove old account bot and connected to new account..... Plz help me........

Posted 4 years ago

purebill says:

mahendrans, I can't understand your problem... New JID for this bot is jabber-rtm@appspot.com so you just need to add him to your roster and then just send him any message and then follow his instructions.

Just forget about old bot's JID (jabber2rtm@bot.im). You can just remove him from your roster as this bot no longer works.

Is this your problem or have I misunderstood you?

Posted 4 years ago

mahendrans says:

i add "jabber-rtm@appspot.com" bot as my frd in my gtalk bubby list that links "mahendran90" rtm account.

But i unfortunately delete the "mahendran90" rtm account.Then i create new rtm account called "mahendrans".

If i send msg to "jabber-rtm@appspot.com" bot it will connect to my old "mahendran90" rtm account.Help me to connect to new rtm account i.e.,"mahendrans" or send steps to recover my old "mahendran90" rtm account.

Posted 4 years ago

trois.singes says:

This is strange : it is possible to interact with RTM via Twitter (which is not the easiest way) whereas it is not possible via Jabber (which would be much easier for us, with no 140 characters limit, and obviously a better interface).

Posted 4 years ago

wasteground says:

This would be a really, really useful feature

Posted 3 years ago

krohn says:

I'd love to see jabber-support

Posted 2 years ago

mawalther Pro says:

Is the bot alive?

Posted 1 year ago

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