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Lock rotation

masaru1201 says:

I am not prefer landscape mode when I lie down on the sofa.
How about put switch no/off for landscape mode in settings ?

Posted at 9:07pm on November 13, 2008

Launchedemily (Remember The Milk) says:

You can now toggle auto-rotation of the app, locking it into either portrait or landscape mode, from the Settings screen in the app; please see our blog post.

Posted 5 years ago

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Hi masaru1201,

That actually bugs me when using Safari on the iPhone too. :)

I'll see if i can find out Apple's policies on this (it would be nice if there was a system-wide setting to say "Don't rotate an app unless it's absolutely necessary.").

Posted 7 years ago

djwess says:

All apps should have this option! Zenbe Lists and BeeJive IM both have the no-rotate option, so Apple will allow it.

Posted 7 years ago

davidscottweaver says:

I have eReader for ebooks and its preferences allow this exact thing. Either portrait fixed, landscape fixed, or Auto. RTM should be able to add that pref to the settings too. I too like to edit while lying down sometimes and get annoyed by the rotation.

Posted 7 years ago

srtech says:

I agree. Maybe the apps could be set to only rotate when you draw a circle gesture on the screen or something.

Posted 7 years ago

willw says:

Yes rotating in annoying when trying to use the iPhone laying down. I run into this problem all the time with ByLine and Twinkle.

A no rotation option would be an excellent addition.

Posted 6 years ago

You cannot comment on this idea as it is locked.