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Quick task add

aloshka Pro says:

First off, this is truly the best set of apps I have ever used!! But I have a question. Is there a way to quickly add a task on the iPhone like "call john today 5pm"? Without emailing anything though?

If not, a suggestion would be to speed up the task entry screen. For instance, priority and task name are fairly standard fields, anyway to enter them without going to another screen?

Eithe way app rocks!!

Posted at 5:47am on November 10, 2008

Launchedemily (Remember The Milk) says:

Smart Add is now available in the iPhone app; please see our blog post.

Posted 6 years ago

asw says:


Posted 7 years ago

graham.ullrich says:

+1 for some version of this idea

From a UI point of view, a fast and simple method would be to show the "Task Name" screen immediately after the user presses "+" for a new task. Since you always have to enter a task name, might as well get that done first. After the name is entered, send the user to the "Add Task" screen.

Posted 7 years ago

bkburns says:


@graham's idea is spot on. It is what Things and Omnifocus both did.

Posted 7 years ago

chriswitt says:

Agreed - graham's idea is fantastic!

Posted 7 years ago

bajohns says:


I bought the Todo App awhile ago and I regret it now b/c RTM is SO much better. But it had a Quick add....and I miss that.

Posted 7 years ago

nicw Pro says:

Me too. +1 for quick add.

RTM rocks. I've uninstalled ToDo already. Rock on, Bob and co. you lot rock.

For quick add, I'd love it to take the default date (for me it's "never"), the CURRENT list (or the default one if I'm not in a list, which defaults to inbox) etc, and just allows me to add the title / text.

Also the gmail addon. Lovely. Very lovely.

Posted 7 years ago

timkalee says:


I'm sure we're all (ex)Todo app users who learned to rely on this function. Bob, Emily, and whoever else is out there: The app looks FANTASTIC. Your hard work really shows.


Posted 7 years ago

apjk says:

+1 for a quick entry.

and i have to say you should glance at ToDo one more time… they are a bit more mature and i find myself getting a better overview on what's up next and overdue. the separation lines (as with letters in a contact list) help a lot and their spacing is nice too. also they have a checkbox that checks of things and the swipe to delete which i cant find in the RTM app… on the flip side: RTM starts up much quicker here and thus is loved.

Posted 7 years ago

ab (Remember The Milk) says:

You can definitely swipe to complete tasks and swipe to delete notes :) We have the same swipe detection as Mail, so I'm not sure why you can't pull it off.

All those things are already filled out for you when adding a task, all you do have to is fill out the task name. Granted you press the + when in a list and not some root screen, naturally. RTM task adding is contextual, try making a smart list with the criteria "priority: 1" for example and then add a task to it,, the priority will be pre-filled, you can fiddle with the rest.

Also your default settings are always used, unless the contextual add has a value for that setting.

Posted 7 years ago

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