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New repeat option: every month on the [interval] last business day (e.g. 'every month on the 2nd last business day')

jeffnoone says:

Repeat Reminders - need to add "Number of business days before..." feature

Many of us have business/financial commitments that need to be completed by a certain number of business days before a given date

For example, I have some business taxes that have to be paid on the last banking day of each month, BUT to pay them on-line I need to access my bank by 6PM the day before that. So ideally I need a reminder I would set for the morning of the second last banking day in a month

I dont believe I can do this - any suppor tfor this as a feature?
Any way I can do this?

Posted at 6:49am on September 30, 2008

geir.hovind says:

I'll like to join you on this feature request: I would like to repeat a task and receive a reminder every first business day each month.

Posted 7 years ago

amoslemi says:

yes please make this happen

Posted 7 years ago

osarjeant Pro says:

more comprehensive function would be first/second/third/forth/first/last "day of week" search

google calendar has added a feature like this.

It would look like repeat:second Friday of every month

Posted 3 years ago

yoshio.azuma Pro says:

Please implement this function.
I also have tasks to be done on the first/second/third/last business day of the month.

Posted 3 years ago

pietercoosthuizen says:

This will be really useful, as most account payments have a "last business day" type deadline.

Posted 3 years ago

gordonzano Pro says:

Currently we have the ability to set "Every month on the last Monday"
but what is needed is "Every month on the last WORKDAY".

For flexibility, have a preference setting which lists the days of the week with check boxes so that people can specify which days are WORKDAYS.

Posted 6 months ago

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