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Add a Canvas view

kmich says:

I'm not thrilled with the left tab navigation, but the iGoogle Developer blog has made it pretty clear the new experimental iGoogle is here to stay. Since that's the case, I was wondering if you had considered implementing a Canvas view gadget for iGoogle. I can imagine you could do a lot with the extra space. However, I do wonder how the existing improved modules sources (Gmail, Google Reader, Google Calendar, etc.) feel about users not actually logging into their site. I could imagine it could be a double edged sword. Does the RTM team have any opinions about these developments? Thanks as always for a great service :)

Posted at 2:02am on September 26, 2008

vballj180 says:

i, personally, love the new iGoogle canvas. i would love to have the RTM widget make use of this new feature to provide more functionality. Are there any updates on this from the dev team?

Thanks, also, for this fantastic app. It's such a help to me every day.

Posted 7 years ago

mikearndt says:

I agree. While the new iGoogle works great on 16X9 monitors it's too much for traditional 3X4 monitors. That being said it's here to stay and I'd support a RTM canvas view of some sort.

Posted 7 years ago

vikshah says:

I add my vote. I am trying to get into the routine of using iGoogle as my homepage, and having just added the new GCalendar gadget, am finding it awesome. The current RTM gadget I'm sorry to say is barely usable, certainly way inferior to RTM for GMail and now a distant second to GCalendar for me. I really would appreciate an RTM clone of the GCalendar gadget allowing me all the AJAXy goodness of the full RTM in gadget/canvas form. Thanks :)

Posted 7 years ago

bbeetle Pro says:

I would love a canvas mode!!

Posted 6 years ago

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