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New repeat option: after [number] days/weeks/months until [date] (e.g. 'after 1 day until november 3')

radmoose Pro says:

Currently you can have "Every [something] Until [MM/DD/YYYY]"

I could use "After # day|week|month until MM/DD/YYYY"

I use "After # day" right now and it is great, but some tasks only need to be done for so long and then never again.

For example, lets say you want to win a contest that you are allowed to enter once per day, but the contest if over on November, 3, 2008. After 1 day is good, but on November 4th, I can't enter it anymore, and now I have to edit the task and complete it.

After 1 day until 11/3/2008

That would work perfectly =P

Posted at 5:01pm on September 17, 2008

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