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Connect tasks with events from calendars you don't own (e.g. 'US Holidays' public calendar)

jghammar says:

Is there a way or a plan to connect tasks to events listed on Google calendars that aren't your own?

For example, I have added the public calendar "US Holidays" to my Google Calendar. Unfortunately, I cannot add a task such as "Thaw Turkey three days before Thanksgiving" because the Thanksgiving event is listed on the added US Holidays calendar rather than directly on my personal calendar.

Posted at 3:53pm on September 17, 2008

arvid Pro says:

Hi jghammar,

best would be to post this new feature in the Ideas forum for other people to respond to as well.



Posted 7 years ago

mthmgcn05 says:

This would be nice if we could add tasks based on holidays that exist during the year.

Posted 3 years ago

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