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Support for Markdown in notes

ivan.aga says:
I think it would be _really_ *useful* to be able to format the text in Task notes, using some well established syntax like Markdown (

This would give us the ability to make bulletlists, bold, italic, etc.

Just a thought!

Posted at 4:53pm on January 2, 2006
zikes says:
I concur, markdown would be a nice addition.
Posted 10 years ago
cfm says:
Thought I'd resuscitate this thread; I'm also interested in formatting in notes. Another possibility (apart from Markdown) is Dean Allen's Textile parser.

Thanks for a terrific service.

Posted 10 years ago
bkudria says:
I agree, this would be really cool.

Posted 10 years ago
hendrik.achenbach says:
Either this or some formatting options like you have in most Web-mail services nowadays:

- bold, italics
- proportional or fixed-width font
- hyperlink
- bulleted and numbered lists
Posted 10 years ago
shk says:
Great idea, just keep it lean and keep the notes fast-loading.

Nobody wants a mini-m$-word document page inside their nice rtm page. ;D
Posted 10 years ago
clandestine says:
I would definitely support either Markdown or Textile, but I generally find Markdown faster for fairly simple things, especially with the way it handles reference linking.
Posted 10 years ago
cobrastyle says:
Agree - this would be really nice.
Posted 5 years ago
tekacs says:
Just another vote for this - I assume wouldn't be incredibly difficult to do, especially if you made it an option in settings, thus meaning that you don't have to render every note by every user in Markdown...

Please? :P
Posted 5 years ago
tekacs says:
Incidentally, the way that RTM currently works (and the fact that I write using a subset of Markdown without even thinking about it, nowadays) I end up linking away to Evernote shards from my notes - this is awfully cumbersome, especially when the note just contains a simple list...
Posted 5 years ago
black.puppydog says:
couldn't this be done in JScript (at least in the webapp)?
In any case, this should *not* be hard to implement and would increase usability by lengths.
It would at least be a workaround for as long as we wait for sublists/folders.
Posted 5 years ago
matthias.cullmann says:
Numbered and bullet list would be very helpful. Markdown in general a real plus!
Posted 5 years ago
claytronic says:
Right now nested lists get their nesting removed, having a formatter like Markdown would be awesome!
Posted 5 years ago says:
Yes, Please.
Posted 5 years ago
claytronic says:
happy birthday to this request. 6 years old on the 2nd :D
Posted 5 years ago
calvinhp says:
Markdown Rules! can we have this pretty please?
Posted 5 years ago
tony.hild says:
Yes, Please.
Posted 4 years ago
okada.eriko says:
Yes, Please.
Posted 4 years ago
pastore.abruzzese says:
Posted 4 years ago
zurfarosa says:
Yes please.
Posted 4 years ago
rrrichard says:
Seems like a lot of requests. Me too please ... bullet lists!
Posted 3 years ago
kimptoc says:
+1 from me, please.
Posted 3 years ago
brpinto says:
It would definitely be a great addition. I use Evernote when I need more than just scribble quick notes for a task (and I know that finally there's better integration between the two services), but if I was able to use Markdown I wouldn't need that workaround anymore.
Posted 3 years ago
jbstarr says:
+1 wholeheartedly agree with brpinto above.
Posted 3 years ago
phil.m.proctor says:
+2 from me
Posted 3 years ago
andres.riancho says:
Posted 3 years ago
soldaat says:
+1, please add this.
Posted 3 years ago
alberto.bellini says:
Look at on OS X, for a really good use case of markdown.
Posted 1 year ago
aaron.simmons says:
Gonna add a me-too on this one...
Posted 1 year ago
pac1250 says:
This feature seems logic to me with the latest version ☺
Posted 10 months ago
jchirschy says:
Posted 9 months ago
basovink says:
Posted 17 weeks ago
onerror says:
We (customers) need this for 10 years
Posted 16 weeks ago
jonathancaldwell says:
Totally agree. Would love Markdown or basic formatting functionality in notes! :) Nothing too complicated like Microsoft Word-like formatting, but simple headings and bulleted notes for things like client revisions that I'm trying to remember.. Bold, italic, ordered and unordered lists, etc. Basically, the same formatting options you might find in an email service like Gmail.
Posted 15 weeks ago
jeroen.budts says:
Posted 12 weeks ago
watashiwa says:
I would really really appreciate to have some basic formatting in notes. And since markdown appears to be a simple standard...
Posted 18 days ago
rtmcsm says:
Posted 33 hours ago
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