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ScheduleWorld sync

allspiritseve Pro says:


I currently have my nokia e51 (symbian) phone syncing with scheduleworld, which syncs with google calendar. The only thing missing now, is to sync my RTM account with my phone. I noticed my tasks on my phone sync just fine with scheduleworld... is it possible to sync RTM and scheduleworld, at least until an RTM-Symbian solution is created?



Posted at 4:38pm on May 11, 2008

gregwalton says:

I would be interested in this, too.

Posted 7 years ago

crodrigocs says:

Yeah, I would be interested in that too!!!

Posted 7 years ago

tsvi says:

Please tell me this is possible

Posted 7 years ago

beattakeshi says:

Syncing RTM with G1 Android ( TooDo) but would love to see it syncing with my Linux Evolution Client too. (which syncs fine with scheduleworld)

Posted 6 years ago

truesilvo says:

come on does anybody even visit this forum? Could the developers provide some answers? Will this be possible at least in the pro version?

Posted 6 years ago

christopher.grebs says:

I really like that idea, espeacially for the pro version. Since RTM just rocks for todo-list-management but most other clients do not (not that much).

Please get that possible. Remember that RTM never have to implement the whole SyncML thingy – I guess that makes it quite easy (from a developers point of view)

Posted 6 years ago

5ch31d says:

I think it would be nice, because a lot of peaple are using nokia phones.

Posted 6 years ago

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