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Auto-archive old tasks

blacksir Pro says:

Hi all! Because of having too many tasks in RTM (I have about 9600) I have most of them (~8000) in archived lists.

Once a week I make a cleanup: I move oldest chunk of completed tasks in separate list and archive it. Now I have about 8000 archived completed tasks and 1600 non-archived tasks (both completed and incomplete).

I have a special smart-list for archiving with this criteria: (list:list1 or list:list2 ... or list:listX) and status:completed and (not completedWithin:"4 weeks of tod") and isRepeating:false. So, to make a cleanup I have to unarchive my 'archive list' and 'smart-list', select all tasks in 'smart-list', move tasks to 'archive list' and archive 'smart-list' and 'archive list'.

It would be great if RTM can do this for me automatically ;-)

I have 3 types of lists:
1. Next actions lists - they should be archived one month after completion
2. Projects lists - they should be archived six months after completion
3. Other lists - they shouldn't be archived at all, because they had not any completed tasks

So, in my opinion, ideal solution for this problem is to have an option on every list: "Archive tasks after X months of completion".

Posted at 1:46pm on April 28, 2008

mariano.benitez Pro says:

I think this is a good idea, I have 4100 tasks completed and I guess I don't need to see the ones I completed 2 years ago...

Posted 3 years ago

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