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Show tags in the list view

davosmith says:

Just a thought - would it be possible to add an *option* (not the default action) to the iGoogle gadget to display tags in front of the text of the task, just like the main interface does.

I have a few tasks that don't make much sense outside of the context given by the tags (which link them to a particular project).

Posted at 7:43am on April 13, 2008

ladalske says:

I would also like that. I use my tags to differentiate my tasks. I sometime have many tasks that are duplicates for multiple projects.

Posted 7 years ago

parrothead81 says:

It's been three years since this was suggested; I hope this can get added to the view. Like the other commenter, I've got duplicate tasks that are only differentiable by the time it is due and the tag.

Posted 3 years ago

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