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Send an email to request a response with today's tasks

ujohnc00 says:

I know you can post a new task to RTM using the email feature, but can you send an email to RTM and receive a reply containing your tasks for the day? I could use this for a quick heads up on my Blackberry of today's tasks.


Posted at 4:43am on February 3, 2008

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

I think adding both pull and push email functionality to RTM are ideas that have been suggested repeatedly and could be very helpful. Especially if you have that push be on a regular basis, for example.

E.g., all undone tasks assigned to Joe with an overdue or apporaching due date get emailed to Joe every Monday at 7am.

Posted 7 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

That's approaching, sorry for the typo.

Posted 7 years ago

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