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Link the Gmail icon to view the email (not open a response)

jjwhite says:

After I tag an email to send it to RTM, I noticed a little red M(ail) icon show up with the task. At first I thought this was simply a link back to gmail, to show me the original email. Instead it opens up a response to the email. I guess this is cool if you ALWAYS want to respond to the email.

I suggest this icon simply link back to the email to view. If someone wants to respond they can respond at that time.

Posted at 5:24pm on January 2, 2008

sosnowsk says:

I agree. Often I have an email that I make a task for, but the task itself dosen't require a reply to the mail. So when I check off the task, I also have to discard the response that was generated by RTM.

Posted 7 years ago

jjwhite says:

I alos jsut noticed that when you actually reply to that tagged email it automatically marks the task complete. Now, if that was true every time I replied to a tagged email, I'd run out of things to do!

I think this feature is nice if it happened like that EVERY time but it doesn't.

Posted 7 years ago

arnee says:

I would also prefer just a link to the mail without creating a reply instantly. Most times I just want to recheck the text of the mail so I have to scroll to the top everytime :(

Maybe you could change this behavior that a normal click just takes you to the message, and maybe ctrl + click creates a reply.

But anyway thanks for this great addon!

Posted 7 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

A link back to the email is what I'd love to see as well.

Posted 7 years ago

arthurlee says:

Agreed. Many a time I don't actually want to reply to the email, I use the email feature simply as a way to reference the email from the task. E.g. email advertising a nice concert, of which i add a task "get tickets from box office in town".

Posted 4 years ago

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