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Import contacts from Gmail

davebc says:

Adding a Gmail imoprt feature for contacts would make it a lot easier to find and add other RTM users. Of course, other services to import from would be useful, as I typically see Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL together on other sites like that, such as Facebook (to find other friends) and StumbleUpon.

Posted at 6:24am on December 20, 2007

ksdz says:

I second this

Posted 7 years ago

konstantin.r says:


Posted 7 years ago

xynetha says:


Posted 7 years ago

masnare says:


Posted 7 years ago

snipeyhead says:

and sixth! :)

Posted 7 years ago

eamoncollins says:

seventh :-)

Posted 7 years ago

rocklove says:


Posted 7 years ago

wozny.dawid says:


Posted 4 years ago

atunesmith Pro says:

10th, 11th, 12th

Posted 4 years ago

niels.radstaat says:

and the rest ^_^

Posted 4 years ago

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