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Interact with tasks via email

sjvilla79 says:

I think it'd be nice if users could delete (or mark as complete) a reminder remotely. Like, say, by using our personal rememberthemill.com email address or something. Yeah, perhaps we could use the subject line of our email to do this. For example:

RE: delete (OR complete) [reminder info here]

This would definitely save some time in getting things done!

Is this a good idea? Thoughts?

Posted at 11:59am on November 14, 2005

emily (Remember The Milk) says:

Good idea :)

Extra interaction via email (or for that matter, IM or SMS) is something that we've been thinking about.

Anyone have further suggestions on how they'd like to be able to interact with their tasks via email/IM/SMS?

Posted 9 years ago

ambernjohn says:

being able to add/delete notes?

Posted 9 years ago

sjvilla79 says:

Yes, via email.

Posted 9 years ago

hendrik.achenbach says:

I think it would be better to add the command to the e-mail body because this is more consistent with the way you add tasks via e-mail (where you, for example, enter "Due: in 2 days" in the e-mail body to set the due date).

So here's the scenario as I imagine it: RTM sends me an e-mail that a task is due today. I am too busy to work on it just now, so I hit the reply button and add the following line to the top of the e-mail body:

Postpone: 2 days

This sets a new due date for the day after tomorrow (relative to the date when I actually send the e-mail, not the original due date, because in some cases I may not process the reminder e-mail on the same day it was sent). You should be able to use anything here (instead of "2 days") that you can enter as a due date when you post a new task via e-mail.

RTM should ignore anything else in the reply because the original reminder text will still be in the e-mail.

To make it easier for RTM to connect the reply to the task in question, the subject line of reminder e-mails should be a little more specific and mention the actual task title (which is something that would be useful anyway and has already been suggested in other forum posts). If it is easier to compute, it would be perfectly OK for me if the subject line contained a number or some other unique identifier for the task.

Best regards

Posted 9 years ago

heathweaver says:

I agree with Hendrik about being able to respond to reminders. But it should be also be possible for tasks that aren't due, where you can just send an email to postpone something.

Posted 8 years ago

gerhard.mueller1 says:

five years gone, nothing changed ... but it's still a good idea

Posted 3 years ago

aberlee says:

Another year.. Another bumb.. This is a great function. I would love to be able to email back to my reminder that I completed the task by replying a simple 'done' or 'tomorrow' to postpone it..

Posted 1 year ago

palaudocs Pro says:

Absolutely agree with hendrik.achenbach. At least, being able to complete a task by email is a must

For instance, just adding a keyword as: @Completed to the body of the email

Posted 1 year ago

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