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Ability to quickly switch lists

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

If you look at the Google Reader gadget for iGoogle, you'll see they have a popup menu at the top that lets you specify which tag/label you'd like to see, making it quick and easy to move among your categories of feeds.

For the RTM gadget, I'd love be able to change which list is displayed, via a popup menu like that, so that I was not always diving in and out of different smartlists via the settings dialog.


Posted at 5:05pm on September 12, 2007

johnfoland Pro says:

I add my support to this suggestion! That really would make the RTM gadget even more flexible.

Posted 8 years ago

mb01915 Pro says:

Unless I missed your question that function already exists. The iGoogle RTM Gadget shows "Settings" at the top. The drop down list lets you select which list you want to show as the default or which one you want to look at.

Posted 8 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

I should have been clearer, I guess. I know one can change lists via Settings. My suggestion was to enable a faster pop-up menu, that did not require a trip to the settings dialog (which is what google reader's gadget does), thus speeding users' ability to hop back and forth among their lists.

I have a lot of smartlists, and retargeting the RTM gadget's view over and over is very click intensive as it is.

Posted 8 years ago

angela.randall says:

I agree this could be useful :) I'm always changing which list I'm looking at.

Posted 8 years ago

bendiy says:

Why not show all of your lists minimized and include with the list title the number of overdue, due today, and total number of tasks in the list. Then allow you to minimize or maximize each list. It would also remember which are maximized/minimized when you login.

+ Shopping List -- Overdue: 0, Today: 4, Total: 24
+ Work -- Overdue: 3, Today: 1, Total: 36
- Personal -- Overdue: 0, Today: 1, Total: 1
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Posted 7 years ago

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