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Ability to print multiple lists at one time

jjeudymd says:

It's humbling to look at the shear number of ideas and requests and then realize that only 2 individuals (and 1 monkey) are having to filter through all of these issues!

Well here's one more: it would be great if you could choose to print multiple lists at one time. It should have the the list title as a heading and the subsequent tasks; followed by the next chosen list and its tasks.

The flexibility would definitely be great. In fact, if you can have plain text formatting of all of your lists, it would make backing up/exporting ever so much easier.

But then again, why would I ever do that!

Posted at 9:05am on September 9, 2007

jjeudymd says:

And to add, printing in 2-column mode would be nice too. The current format ends up wasting a good amount of space.

Posted 7 years ago

jz3333 says:

simply: Agreed.

Posted 7 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

Perhaps you could use improved print options and logic to also enrich the email reminders/agendas that were available, too?

Having RTM crank out a nicely formatted ASCII to do list across several lists and have that land in my inbox every morning would be great while I am on the road.

Posted 7 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

My email inbox, I mean.

Posted 7 years ago

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