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Auto-tagging based on rules (e.g. tag with 'overdue' if the task becomes overdue)

babunagarajan Pro says:

Is autotagging possible ? either based on dates like if a task is overdue it automatically gets a "overdue" tag or based on keywords ?

Posted at 8:49pm on August 9, 2007

julian.gruber says:

This could be done with rules and rules would be a killer feature.

Posted 8 years ago

danilsomsikov says:

Yeah, autotagging would be really cool. I would be happy to have rules like "If Subject Consists 'Write' Add Tag 'To Write' "

Posted 8 years ago

yakuza says:

Agreed! Rules/filters/whatever_you_call_them would be great!

Posted 8 years ago

erik Pro says:

Isn't this conceptually the same thing as a smartlist?

I guess I am a bit different in that I have all tasks in a single list and use smartlists to "autotag" them. This lets me slice and dice my lists in any way that I can see fit (and the search syntax supports!).

Posted 8 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

I'm with erik - I i don't see what auto-tagging would do that is different from the current smartlist arrangement.

[I also have everything in one list that is parsed by many smartlists.]

Posted 8 years ago

macmeister says:

Auto-tagging I see pretty beneficial for possibly implementing GTD with a next-action tag automatically applied when the one previous is completed. Of course this doesn't apply yet because we have no custom sorting for "projects"... =)

Rules or filters could be quite cool however. Great idea for flexibility sake!

Posted 8 years ago

coachdan007 Pro says:

Hmmm, I did a little searching before posting. I don't see anyone else bringing up this function:

When I enter a new task from a smart list it auto tags/auto-populates all of the tags for that search string.

So, for my @calls smart list (tagged with @calls & na), if I enter a new call from that smart list, it adds the two tags, "@calls" & "na".

I thought this was very helpful to me and was surprised I hadn't seen it mentioned. Although, I am stil a newbie, so maybe it's been mentioned and I haven't yet seen it.

Posted 6 years ago

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