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Nokia tasks sync

nohant says:


It would be useful if RTM could be sync with mobile (eg my Nokia e61 Symbian S60 3rd) like my calendar on mobile with google calendar (see goosync.com)


Posted at 2:40pm on July 26, 2007

nichodges says:

+1 for this idea.

I jsut got a Nokia N95, and I'm using goosync to sync the N95 calendar with my GCal. I tried using the todo in the N95, but I couldn't handle not being able to see my todo's on my iGoogle page as well.

For now I'm just viewing the rtm mobile page on my phone to check tasks, but obviously that's not the best method.

Being able to sync rtm to my N95 task list would rock. Maybe you guys could hookup with the goosync guys and have a code baby?

Posted 8 years ago

morgan.parker says:

+1 for Goosync integration - I'm using Goosync on my WM2003se device for GCal and love it.

Posted 8 years ago

istvanst says:

please this feature would be great

Posted 8 years ago

astryea says:

I am in the same situation as nichodges except I am using the Nokia N75. If I could sync my RTM account with the To Do program on my phone, then RTM will truly be everything I have ever needed in a task organizer. I am also using Goosync to sync my GCalendar with the calendar app on my phone. Please consider adding this feature!

Posted 8 years ago

ranerio says:

I also would love that. I use a PDA with Windows Mobile . I suggest SyncML or something like a Outlook sync URL, which is natively supported by Windows Mobile

Posted 8 years ago

balthasar.glaettli Pro says:

I would also love a possibility to take rtmilk.com on the go with my mobile. Sony ericsson W810i.

Actually there might be difficult choices to make. Which tech to choose etc.

with m.rmilk.com there is already a mobile version for those being always online. however, usually going online with the mobile costs a lot. to close this gap, I see several clearly different paths:

1) write a j2me app which can be downloaded and installed every modern mobile phone (similar to the ones offered by google for gmail and google maps for mobile - but with smarter synch behavior either online through internet access OR by synching via a intermediate desktop client).

2) wait for a google gears implementation for mobile phone browsers (e.g. Opera Mini...)

3) integrate rtmilk with an existing desktop app like outlook or palm desktop and rely on their ability to synch with mobile devices.

4) offer a synchml access to rmilk which allows synchml enabled devices/software to download/edit/upload in self determined intervalls transparently either through online connectivity or via a desktop synch client.

Posted 8 years ago

will.s.brown says:

I would love if there was some sort of application offered for blackberry like balthasar.glaettli suggests in point #1

Posted 8 years ago

balthasar.glaettli Pro says:

Just an update: I just got aware of an information relevant to this thread in the responses to http://www.rememberthemilk.com/forums/ideas/2347/

It seems that someone is workin' on a synchthemilk application that would synch rmilk.com to m$ outlook and back (my approach #3)

Posted 8 years ago

mgenzel says:

are there any news on this issue?

Posted 7 years ago

will.wright says:

any news - this feature would be great now that goosync manages syncing of tasks also

Posted 7 years ago

salimfadhley says:

I'm a goosync pro and RTM pro subscriber. They are both great applications. I'd love to see them work closer together. I'd be prepaired to pay extra for an integrated solution.

Posted 7 years ago

dtreweek says:

I 2nd that. Goosync are just reinventing the RTM wheel with their tasks and it's not as good. Would love to be able to do one sync for both to keep my mobile nice and tidy.

Posted 7 years ago

davei says:

I'd be willing to start developing such an app. It would be interesting, and fun to do... but I don't know where to start, and my J2ME is a bit rusty.

I guess I'd go about developing this as an individual app rather than as part of Goosync, at least to start with. It would then be able to sync with any iCal feed, both tasks and calendar items...

By the way... I have a Sony Ericsson K800i, so I'd need plenty of testers!

Posted 7 years ago

psik says:

I have a Nokia phone too..the N95..and I want to sync RTM with it..but I can't find any app to do so...):

Posted 7 years ago

muldermx says:

The best solution would be indeed a small java app like google made for gmail. Its so great and fast and I use it a lot!

Posted 7 years ago

clement.kwong says:

Using the Nokia E71 - great machine - but drat ! no syncing with RTM urgh. Please add quick !

Posted 7 years ago

thesmileyone says:

I'm on the E71 as well. A fantastic piece of kit but syncing RTM with my to do list would be even better.

Posted 7 years ago

jorgebauer says:

Let me add my voice to the Chorus that is clamoring for a way to sync RTM to our Nokia phones. I will done my apron and use my working tools to help you get this done!

Posted 7 years ago

benjamine says:

please develop this! :)
I think that it would be great to provide a j2me app that provide:

- sync your online RTM tasks with your local phone tasks. (better phone integration, for e.g. it could be the only way to have reminder alarms when the app is not open, or the phone is shutdown)
- sync your online RTM tasks with a local db, and tasks are managed in the j2me app UI (better RTM compatibility, probably your phone task db (or j2me API) might not support storing certain task fields)


- sync directly by phone internet connection (allways on the road)
- sync using a PC internet accesed by bluetooth (cheap)

another cool features may come later:
- Attach photos, recordings, or videos to a task. (syncing this throu internet would be painful, here bluetooth would be desired)
- Display tasks near my location, obtained from a built-in GPS when available

Posted 6 years ago

b83s says:

Jep syncing would be great with my e71

Posted 6 years ago

jjaimon says:

I noticed that this thread was started almost 18months back and still rtm didn't provide a reliable mechanism to sync tasks on mobile devices other than RIM and WM. I use N96 and tasque on my laptop. It will be nice if I can keep them in sync.

Posted 6 years ago

turkeyphant says:

Goosync integration is the answer. Yes please!

Posted 6 years ago

randall.hauk says:

Two years later and there is still no S60 client. I know that I would use my RTM account a hell of a lot more if I could sync it with my E71. I guess the world's most popular smartphone OS is not worthy of attention from RTM developers.

Posted 6 years ago

bernardo.fortes says:

E71 user as well. Would REALLY like to sync RTM to phone. After all, that's where it can really help us to get productive

Posted 6 years ago

ben.doherty says:

is there any word on this yet?

Posted 6 years ago

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