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Clickable URL field for tasks

robin.carriere says:

I've been playing around with rtm in netvibes and thought it would be handy, for tasks which have an associated URL, to be able to click that URL directly. Maybe just have a little globe icon or something beside tasks which have a URL defined?

Posted at 3:25am on July 12, 2007

timepiece says:

I would also love to have the URL for a task clickable from the iGoogle interface. I virtually never visit the full RTM page, just the iGoogle module - having to open the task and then open the URL attached is kind of annoying. Maybe just a clickable link icon next to the priority square?

Posted 7 years ago

angela.randall says:

me too.

Posted 7 years ago

rlieving Pro says:

Unique URL for any task would be very handy and allow you to chain tasks together.

Posted 2 years ago

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