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Mylyn (Eclipse) integration

boglesby says:

This may not be practical, but what about adding a rmilk interface for the Eclipse Mylyn project. This way you could collaborate on a project through Mylyn with the rmilk backend.

Posted at 7:41pm on July 9, 2007

robin.carriere Pro says:

Hi boglesby - I had a somewhat similar thought ( using a different approach. I'm not familiar with Mylyn - do you see any advantage over just browsing it through eclipse's internal web browser? (using the stripped down igoogle interface (

Posted 7 years ago

ceesbos says:

I am busy with such a plugin in Mylyn (task orientated working in Eclipse).

Posted 6 years ago

boglesby says:

Forgot about this thread. (sidebar: wish there was an email notification system on the forums). The advantage of Mylyn integration is that it gives you the full advantage of task oriented views, rather than just a task list integrated into your IDE.

Posted 6 years ago

boglesby says:

Ceesbos project looks great. I'll give it a shot next week, but I'm really excited about it.

Posted 6 years ago

bzpilman says:

This is a great idea! Can't wait to see what will come out.

Posted 6 years ago

hoofien Pro says:

Any news on this? I just started using Mylyn standalone and it pales in comparison to rtmilk. I could really use this connector...

Posted 6 years ago

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