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Improve task selection

alex.turner says:

I find it very confusing when editing multiple tasks info when you end up selecting multiple tasks just by selecting them rather than selecting the check box.

What i mean by this is that the behavior I would expect is that multiple tasks are only selected when specifically checking the check box. Where as when clicking on a task it would only select that task a deselect all others.


Posted at 5:01pm on October 26, 2005

Launchedemily (Remember The Milk) says:

This was changed with Smart Add. Please see our blog post.

Posted 6 years ago

willswords says:

I agree that not having an automatic deselect behavior is a problem.

I am quite frequently making the mistake of pressing C to complete a task and accidentally completing another task I didn't remember I had selected. Fortunately it is easy to undo, but it makes me worry I will mark something as complete accidentally and not notice it one of these times.

I think this is why traditional UI elements (e.g. listboxes) require you to hold down the CTRL key (Shift on Mac) when selecting more than one item.

Posted 9 years ago

alex.rios says:

I agree, this behavior is quite confusing.

I rather prefer to select one unique task when clicking anywhere in the row and select multiple tasks using the checkbox.

The way it works now it's easy to make a mistake.

Posted 6 years ago

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