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Ability to specify exceptions for repeating tasks (e.g. 'every day except sunday' or 'every month except july')

ashkey says:

I think it would be very useful to specify exceptions when adding a repeat parameter to a task.

An example would be something like this (for work tasks who must be done even the saturday):

"Repeat every day except sunday"

i know it can be achieved by specifying the day one by one or with "weekday and satuday" (i think, i never tried) but the concept is different and allows many other customizations:

"Repeat every month except july and august" and many more.

It's not foundamental but can be useful.

Posted at 8:59am on October 26, 2005

acid2 Pro says:

Yes please!

Posted 1 year ago

amitavab says:

i think exception is a part of any rule. so, please provide the 'exception' rule as suggested above.

Posted 1 year ago

michiel.verhoef says:

Yes please.
Every weekday except wednesday is now not possible. Every monday, tuesday, thursday, friday doesn't work either.

Posted 1 year ago

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