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Attachments for tasks

ashiro says:

A lot of services are beginning to offer the ability to attach files to tasks, folders, etc. Such as relevant documents or pictures.

I'd more than willing to pay a fair subscription for this ability.

What say ye?

Posted at 2:22am on April 14, 2007

hourback says:

I yearn for attachment capability.

Posted 8 years ago

laisan says:

I'd like to vote for this feature if it will help to speed up it's development.

Posted 8 years ago

mabla says:

take evernote!

Posted 4 years ago

manveru says:

I think this would be a great feature. Attaching relevant files to tasks would be very helpful. To offset costs, it could easily be a pro only feature.

Posted 4 years ago

shaun.deans says:

One way the cost factor could be alleviated is to integrate with an external "Cloud" storage site like drop box. The attachment could be stored in the Cloud with only the meta data being stored against the task. Then when you hit the download option RTM throws you over to the cloud storage provide.

The RTM team then just need to write the code semi modular so that they can add different storage providers such as dropbox, amazon s3.

[ ps. Happy for the dev's to contact me for more info ;-) ]

Posted 4 years ago

xinhes says:

I wan't to be able to attach an URL to a Google Doc. Maybe a document I need to work on or a calc sheet that needs to be filled in.

Posted 4 years ago

brentholomule says:

I need to attach excel files and adobe files. Usually only 1 page long, but occasionally 2 or 3 pages.

Posted 4 years ago

auger Pro says:

I "attach" documents by pasting the Google Docs URL in the notes field of a to-do. Works like a charm.

Posted 4 years ago

magnolie42 says:

i cannot wait to have this capability available. its one of the few things missing in Rtm

Posted 4 years ago

mats.kirknes says:

It is better to allow the user to connect his/her own cloud storage to RTM, rather than expand RTM to include such storage natively.

Just like shaun.deans propose

Posted 4 years ago

frankt72 says:

Good idea! Please do.

Posted 4 years ago

faye.gary says:

I think attachment of documents would be essential as the program grows and competes with other software. I have explored several other software packages and found the capacity to attach documents. The user friendly approach in RTM is very attractive. Thanks.
Also, how do I save everything that I have completed? I need to data for reference and for accountability of work. Thanks again. Faye Gary

Posted 4 years ago

tryster says:

I currently do this by sharing a file/folder via sugarsync, but it would be much nicer if I could do it all via RTM.

Posted 4 years ago

pmthomson says:

I think it makes much more sense to integrate with an outside provider either Evernote or Dropbox for file storage using tags. I clip everything into evernote anyways and being able to access and see those items would be much more useful than having RTM become a massive does everything product.

Posted 4 years ago

blake28 says:

I forward a lot of emails from Outlook to my to-do list. It would be great if the attachments stayed with the task. That way I can delete my email as I know I have all the relevant info in my task.

Posted 4 years ago

xdhrvt says:

Same here - I also often take pictures of a paper note w/ my smartphone & send it by mail to myself in order to remember it in the future - and I really miss the ability to find it in RTM. Strong support from my side.

Posted 4 years ago

test.teste says:

Adding attachments should be added to RTM ASAP!

Posted 4 years ago

metaloop says:

Free cloud storage can easily be found elsewhere. Add URLs to your tasks and let's keep RTM lean and mean.

Posted 4 years ago

rayu99 Pro says:

there are many times when a document or graphic would be helpful to document a task- more info then in a note. Attachments would provide this capability- I would accept limitations- like no more then 50 or 500 mb, what have you and as a pro feature only

Posted 4 years ago

drober01 says:

Being able to attach pictures and/or files would be a great help to "go paperless"

Posted 3 years ago

heathweaver says:

It should be able to link up with Dropbox, Google Docs, or others. You can put a link right now, but it would be great if there was a more integrated way to do that.

Posted 3 years ago

dacian.lontis says:

Totally for attachments !

Posted 3 years ago

hartl_vienna says:

No changes since April 14, 2007! Are you serious?

Posted 3 years ago

david.snigier says:

URLs are the answer here. Link to an item on your cloud provider elsewhere

Posted 3 years ago

jayr.magave says:

Well, i think it well be easier for evernote guys to implement calendaring than RTM to implement attachments. Well stick to EN.

Posted 3 years ago

henrikba Pro says:

Agree with several posters; let's keep RTM clean and just add URIs to your attachments. Maybe even a evernote://doc could get some direct linking if supported by the OS?

Posted 3 years ago

sfabius says:

What is needed is an easy way to add the URL without going back and forth. So an add-on to a browser, for example, that opens a small window to create a new task with a link to the current url (kind of like the evernote clipper). When emailing, presumably one could simply include the url on the appropriate line.

Posted 3 years ago

hansekaiser says:

Evernote integration!!!!

Posted 3 years ago

martyrizzo says:

Being able to include attachments in emails would be a very useful feature to have. Please consider adding it as soon as possible.

Posted 3 years ago

aka178 says:

That would be useful

Posted 3 years ago

whsantos says:

+1 on attachments from emails. Given the way I work with Outlook, that would be great.

Posted 3 years ago

xavier.mangoen says:

+1 for attached file from task created by mails or added in outlook with any files

Posted 3 years ago

leo.asselman Pro says:

This is also my wish. More evernote functionality in RTM like attachments

Posted 3 years ago

hdinapoli Pro says:

It would be very useful to be able to place more than one tag to each task

Posted 3 years ago

marc.vetter Pro says:

it should not be that RTM is getting a second dropbox, but just some space (limits per attachement and overall) are nice...

Posted 2 years ago

macdonaldster says:

I would love to be able to attach photos and document scans to tasks.

Posted 2 years ago

henrik.gardishyan says:

attachments would make this service almost brilliant

Posted 2 years ago

brett_mumaw says:

+1 for attachments.

Use s notes on my galaxy note 2. I can't export them via url. Sure, I could export them as a pdf to evernote or dropbox and then add the url to my task, but who has time for that?

Please please please add the ability to add attachments!

Posted 2 years ago

baysailor Pro says:

Come on guys, that is the last (and very important) pice of the productivity puzzle! Wea ll see it a added value and would pay an opt in fee.

Posted 2 years ago

vleseg Pro says:

I can't see a point here.
I'd rather have an ability to assign multiple URL's to one task with one always reserved for links to outer cloud storages.
I can understand this longing desire for innovations, that any user of any web-service possesses these times, but - please- be reasonable.
RTM's power, above all, is it's simplicity, abstractedness and, therefore, flexibility.
Let it stay that way.

Posted 2 years ago

caseycs says:

I also vote for attachments, it will be very useful!

Posted 2 years ago

halexis says:

Is it possible then to put a link in the url-field (or the notes) to a particular photo from my Dropbox account ?

Posted 2 years ago

relevart Pro says:

I don't think it's needed. It would bring too much complication. A simple dropbox link is enough in my opinion.

Posted 2 years ago

eucatastrophe1 says:

What about the proposal from a vendor that I have in my email box -- which I will review next week (and may simply discard). I think it's important to be able to forward the email to a task manager where it can be organized and planned outside of email.

Posted 1 year ago

cmklar Pro says:


Dropbox?? why upload file, just because i need to link to it from RTM?
why not just attach, an image, a pdf, an .eml file, go figure what else...

Posted 5 months ago

davebower Pro says:

Need to attach attachments!

Posted 5 months ago

sigphyl says:

Yes, to attachments & photos! Yes to being able, then, to copy the attachment or photo to more than one tag or vice versa, to tag more than one time. Then to search the attachments independently by tags or by their original items. Also great: to be able to email or print just the attachments or photos or along with their original tasks or note. (And of course, to be able to email or print the original task without the attachment if one wishes.) Would gladly pay for the enhanced capabilities.

Posted 5 months ago

bondar.as15 Pro says:


Posted 12 weeks ago

chikletch Pro says:


Posted 11 weeks ago

limamedeiros Pro says:


Posted 9 weeks ago

luiscu Pro says:

I'd like a feature that allows to create a task in RTM with a file "attached" seamlessly:

1. Create the task as usual

2. Click on "attach" a file (upload a file o from URL)

3. The application "attach" the file not by storing the file in RTM but in dropbox and creating the link RTM-DB automatically

Posted 18 days ago

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