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Group by list name

telegramsam says:

Love the product - live on it. There is only one thing that repeatedly frustruates me:

Every time tasks from a different list are shown together (smart lists, netvibes and google widgets, google calender plugin), tasks are shown without a single hint of which source list they came from.

Adding an option that would allow you to group tasks by list name would make it much easier to interact with the unified views. Even displaying the list name after the task name would be better then not knowing which list it came from.

For example: I'm a student, and have a list for each class. I add a month or so of homework for each class at a time, and then add an 'add more homework' task to remind me when it's time to add more homework. Without the list name, I have no idea which class to add homework for, so I have to click into the task page just for that piece of info.

I realize it would slightly clutter those otherwise clean interfaces, so a preference item to show list name in unified views could allow users to choose.


Posted at 3:36am on February 26, 2007

fortes says:

I'll vote for this as well. It'd be nice to have the list name displayed in a smart list (similar to the way tags are displayed next to an item).

Posted 7 years ago

jdfagan says:

Yeah, this is a must have feature IMO! I'm starting to look at other products just so I can have something that groups by originating lists..

Posted 4 years ago

rickyrod says:

Ditto. It would be a great enhancement to a really great product.

Posted 4 years ago

jeff.bellune says:

+1 from me.
Grouping tasks in a Smart List by their List Name would be a great visual and organizational help.

Posted 2 years ago

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