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Ability to 'move' a location (e.g. when moving to a new house or office)

jaedi says:
The possibility to move and rename a location would be really helpful.

For example, if I move to a new apartment, I currently have to create a new location with a new name, and re-assign the location field of all tasks referring to "Home".

I think many of us use generic location names, some of which will change far more often (but are referred to in fewer tasks) - a new supermarket, consultancy, favourite bar, etc...

Another (minor) suggestion: colour-coding locations in the tag cloud to distinguish them from other tag types, as is the case for standard task lists.

Any takers??
Posted at 10:17am on February 23, 2007
jaedi says:
I've found the rename location feature. Does a move feature exist?
Posted 9 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
jaedi, unfortunately there isn't a move feature (although it would be handy!). I'm not sure if you've seen it already, but you might find the multi-edit feature useful -- this might make it easier to quickly re-assign locations on your tasks. Hope this helps!
Posted 9 years ago says:
Is there any way to even VIEW where the location is? I created a location a while back and can't remember where it's located. Obviously, I didn't name it well, but I don't even know what to rename it.
Posted 4 years ago says:
Ah, found it. Never mind. ;-)
Posted 4 years ago
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