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Share tags between Evernote Reminders and Remember The Milk

jumpnett says:

I'd like it if tags persisted between Evernote and Remember the milk, for the EN Reminders managed by RTM. In other words, if I set a tag in Evernote, it shows up in RTM and vice-versa.

Posted at 4:02pm on May 30, 2013

jeremyjoslin says:


Posted 1 year ago

bret.bowser says:


Posted 1 year ago

oddhnp Pro says:


Posted 1 year ago

volkergrimm Pro says:


Posted 1 year ago

listudying says:

goos idea!

Posted 1 year ago

sandermaarleveld says:

Most welcome since I use tags to give context to my notes in Evernote. I really could use that same context in RTM.

Posted 1 year ago

organisechaos says:

yes +1 for me too

Posted 1 year ago

mdliss Pro says:

this feature would make the integration nearly perfect.

Posted 1 year ago

awientjes says:

please do

Posted 1 year ago

npatrick says:

I would <3 this as well.

Posted 1 year ago

bluesgeek says:

My tagging and notebook structure in Evernote is an exact mirror of my tagging and list structure in RTM.

Posted 1 year ago

rmcmullan Pro says:

I, too, manually mirror my tagging structure between RTM and Evernote. Synced tags would be a huge boon.

Posted 1 year ago

andrewleonard Pro says:


Posted 1 year ago

aj.wassink Pro says:

Yes, please

Posted 1 year ago

aka_lordy Pro says:


Posted 12 months ago

sits Pro says:

+1 This would be simply awesome if you can pull it off.

Posted 11 months ago

nuclearscan Pro says:

EN integration brought me back to RTM. Glad to be back, but I'm REALLY looking forward to the next level.... share the tags !!!

Posted 10 months ago

brett_mumaw says:

+1 PLEASE!!!

Posted 8 months ago

ben.niderberg says:

Agreed, this would be huge; eliminate a big piece of remaining organizational clunkiness.

Posted 7 months ago

katja.tressel Pro says:


Posted 7 months ago

srinke Pro says:

Please, pretty please can we have this?

Posted 7 months ago

libdancer99 Pro says:

Please! It would be another great RTM timesaver.

Posted 6 months ago

david.hanley Pro says:

I very, very much want this.

Posted 6 months ago

harryldanieliii Pro says:

Share the tags for sure

Posted 6 months ago

smokorosi Pro says:

Me too :)

Posted 4 months ago

daleoffret Pro says:

Having tags in both sides creates even better smart lists. Otherwise people have to put "keywords" in the subject of their task to "track" them by in RTM.

Please add.

Posted 4 months ago

torchtarget Pro says:

Yes I want this

Posted 4 months ago

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