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Add the content of the Evernote note to a Remember The Milk note

psionmark says:

I love the new Evernote integration. Combined with emailing notes to Evernote with a reminder date, this is a truly fantastic solution.

What I would like to see, though, is the Evernote note itself (or a snippet of it) sent through to the RTM task as a note. This would be the icing on the cake :)

Posted at 9:21am on May 30, 2013

synam79 says:

Can the reminder date be inserted to RTM from a note created in Evernote?

Posted 2 years ago

bluesgeek says:

This is always a head-scratcher for me: "Do I use Evernote and link it to RTM with the EN reminders web hook, or do I copy the EN text into an RTM task note?"

I usually opt to keep it in EN, and use RTM task notes for keeping running updates on the task progress. So, I might be linking a clipped web page, photo, or meeting notes from Evernote to RTM, and then using the task notes to keep track of things specifically related to the management of the linked task.

However, I would like to see the option to use the content of the EN note as the RTM note, for those instances in which a short EN note text needs to be used as support text for the task. For example, if I have some text in Evernote about the address of a meeting I am to attend, I don't need to keep that in Evernote, and it it would be ideal for a task note.

Posted 2 years ago

jeaxja Pro says:

I'd prefer to keep RTM clean and focused on tasks.

There are always motivations on both sides to enhance in directions of
"Remember that Evernote" or a "Evermilk" app but I'm happy which each of the apps remain in their subject area and stay to be simple enough.

Posted 2 years ago

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