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kevinbjiang Pro says:

Some kind of point system that rewards users for completing tasks early and deducts points for letting tasks become overdue.

Posted at 8:10pm on May 28, 2013

shivagrid says:

I love this idea. It would be an awesome way to motivate task completion whether by challenging yourself or even by competing with a group of friends to try and get the "most successful" score!

It would be nice if this was a separate module or report that could be run as too much information on the task side-window might get overwhelming. I would like to see reports by day, week, month, maybe in a graph style so you could compare score over a repeated interval to gauge progress.

Posted 1 year ago

sylviavas Pro says:

I'm actively looking for something that give me a bit more motivation to do unwelcome tasks. So adding gamification to RTM is something I'm very interested in.

However, I don't use the estimated times, and I don't use the due dates.

Here's an idea - allow the user to create a smart list based on their criteria. Then give them some kind of reward if the smart list is either empty of full.

Let me explain. Suppose I created a Smart List. The criteria for the Smart List is - pri 1, completed today. If the entries in this smart list are greater than, say, 5, then I get a reward.

Or to flip it around, I create a different type of Smart List. The criteria is - pri 1. If this is empty (but things have been assigned to Pri 1 today) then I get a reward.

Not quite sure what the reward would be (a "well done" email, some kind of point, a "level up", etc)

Also if this could be linked somehow to Pomodoros, that would be great. Pomodoros are awesome.

Posted 1 year ago

nicholasemay Pro says:

Initially, I hated this idea; here are plenty of web/mobile apps that do this already. When I complete tasks, the fact that I've gotten it done is enough satisfaction for me. I like how spare and pragmatically functional RTM is.

That said, if I can turn this off in the settings/or -- ideally -- it's disabled by default, then what's the harm?

Further, if we could tweak the criteria for points being awarded as sylviavas suggusts above we, the users, could provide incentives for ourselves to bring about behavior change/help with habit formation.

Posted 1 year ago

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