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Blackberry 10 app

yann.castells says:

A native BB10 client would be awesome, better even with some integration with the Remember app.

Posted at 11:11pm on March 21, 2013

Launchedemily (Remember The Milk) says:

We've now brought our latest Android app to BlackBerry 10 (yay!). Please see the blog post for more details.

We don't have any plans to develop "natively" for BlackBerry 10 at this time, but think the Android version provides a great experience on BlackBerry 10 (at least it does on our Z10 :).

Posted 1 year ago

magadaner says:

One more vote for the native Blackberry 10 app.

Posted 2 years ago

802038508 says:

And another vote too

Posted 1 year ago

sandroid says:

I go back to a pro account if this happens. Just tried android on a samsung note II and the thing is totally not productive/organized. BB10 has everything i need to be organized, and in touch, at the tips of my fingers.

Posted 1 year ago

hukllachay Pro says:

yep. we need a native BB10 app

Posted 1 year ago

ngocphamm says:

One more vote for a native BB10 app!

Posted 1 year ago

dsmall24us says:

I just switched to BB10 from Android and I really like it, but it is hard to use ported Android apps. In fact I am a pro user and I am using a sideloaded RTM app. It works ok but a native app would be fantastic. It seems the new android app is designed somewhat like a native BB10 app. It looks great and would work great on BB10 too

Posted 1 year ago

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