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Default due date setting

rickybuchanan says:

New tasks' due dates are defaulting to "never". I would love to be able to customise this so it defaults to when I choose.

I would choose "today" because I usually enter short-term tasks. It also has the advantage that it is immediately obvious if I enter a task and forget to set the date - it's in today's list. Whereas now it ends up at the bottom of the 50 dated tasks and I lose it!

[[ Please excuse odd mistakes or brevity, typed via on-screen keyboard ]]

Posted at 2:43pm on October 18, 2005

markdbd says:

Good idea, that would be a great feature to choose a default due date.

Posted 8 years ago

freddieq Pro says:

There is a way to do this with current functionality, btw. If you add tasks to a search list, the new task inherits the search list's criteria. So I created a search list named "New @ Home" that has the defaults I want to use (location: home, priority: 3, due: today), and I navigate to that list when I want to add tasks. This solution has the added benefit of making it possible to have several different sets of defaults ("New @ Work", for instance, if tasks I add for work tend to need different settings than tasks I add at home).

Posted 3 years ago

melvinwalker says:

Yes, oh God in Heaven, YES!

I create a new task to remember something, but it doesn't show up on my daily list because IT HAS NO DUE DATE. Creating a new task should NOT be a two-step process!

Posted 2 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

2,000 internets to freddieq.

Posted 2 years ago

alfred74new says:

Can't you just add today or ^today after the task description- it would just take getting into the habit. Or you set up a today task template, then when you have a new task, just duplicate and type in the description

Posted 1 year ago

jaran.nilsen Pro says:

The mobile apps do this by default, so it would be better with a consistent behaviour where the web-version did the same.

Posted 1 year ago

andrew.moylan Pro says:

Gotta agree with Jaran: The disconnect between the mobile apps and the web app is jarring here. I convinced my wife to use RTM, and she gets a lot of out of it ... but she keeps accidentally creating tasks with no due date when using the web app, and then they get lost!

Posted 11 months ago

gokw Pro says:

Good Idea.

Posted 6 months ago

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