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Default due date setting

rickybuchanan says:

New tasks' due dates are defaulting to "never". I would love to be able to customise this so it defaults to when I choose.

I would choose "today" because I usually enter short-term tasks. It also has the advantage that it is immediately obvious if I enter a task and forget to set the date - it's in today's list. Whereas now it ends up at the bottom of the 50 dated tasks and I lose it!

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Posted at 2:43pm on October 18, 2005

markdbd says:

Good idea, that would be a great feature to choose a default due date.

Posted 10 years ago

freddieq says:

There is a way to do this with current functionality, btw. If you add tasks to a search list, the new task inherits the search list's criteria. So I created a search list named "New @ Home" that has the defaults I want to use (location: home, priority: 3, due: today), and I navigate to that list when I want to add tasks. This solution has the added benefit of making it possible to have several different sets of defaults ("New @ Work", for instance, if tasks I add for work tend to need different settings than tasks I add at home).

Posted 4 years ago

melvinwalker says:

Yes, oh God in Heaven, YES!

I create a new task to remember something, but it doesn't show up on my daily list because IT HAS NO DUE DATE. Creating a new task should NOT be a two-step process!

Posted 3 years ago

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

2,000 internets to freddieq.

Posted 3 years ago

alfred74new says:

Can't you just add today or ^today after the task description- it would just take getting into the habit. Or you set up a today task template, then when you have a new task, just duplicate and type in the description

Posted 2 years ago

jaranflaath Pro says:

The mobile apps do this by default, so it would be better with a consistent behaviour where the web-version did the same.

Posted 2 years ago

andrew.moylan Pro says:

Gotta agree with Jaran: The disconnect between the mobile apps and the web app is jarring here. I convinced my wife to use RTM, and she gets a lot of out of it ... but she keeps accidentally creating tasks with no due date when using the web app, and then they get lost!

Posted 2 years ago

gokw Pro says:

Good Idea.

Posted 1 year ago

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