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Ability to create new lists from the Tasks screen

rebelm says:

Would it not be possible to have a tab saying 'new list' or something similar on the Tasks page to create new lists? Seems slightly counter-intuitive to have to go into settings to do this.

Cheers :).

Posted at 11:51am on January 15, 2007

benpage26 says:

You can email in tasks to have them made into a list, i like that idea as you don't even need to visit RTM.

Posted 8 years ago

adoran2 Pro says:

This is a big barrier for me, I'd love to see this implemented.

Posted 4 years ago

freddieq says:

I was really happy to find this functionality implemented in the Droid app. I'd love it if it were added to the web app as well.

Posted 4 years ago

prehensile Pro says:

I agree that it's counterintuitive to bury list management in Settings.

My suggestion for new lists would be something like the way Gmail does its inline new tag creation: under the More Actions... menu, under Move To... add a New List option and pop open a modal dialog for its name.

Also, it would be nice to edit list names inline.

Posted 4 years ago

scott.novis says:

This thread goes back a long way... I'm curious why there hasn't been even so much as a response defending the current implementation.
Vote: Manage lists on the task page.

Posted 4 years ago

johan.nilsson Pro says:

Yes, it's somewhat awkward to go to the settings every time one needs to manage their lists. And I don't feel that managing lists really even is a setting. I add and delete lists very often (one list per project) and edit/tweak my smart lists quite often, so this would come in handy.

Posted 4 years ago

olivier.mathieu Pro says:

Trying to manage projects (GTD projects) requiers creating / deleting list a lot. I find it painfull to have to go in setting everytimes.

Posted 4 years ago

jtechkw says:

Having to navigate away from the page, and load a total of three pages to add a list is silly,

Posted 4 years ago

yonester says:

Maybe have a static tab or a button with a plus sign on it.

Posted 3 years ago

maymdavid says:


Posted 3 years ago

weiszguy says:

I'm with olivier.mathieu. I'm using RTM for GTD. I create and delete lists often. The current list management implementation is the only thing about RTM that is less than perfect.

Anybody know of a grease monkey script that could handle this?

Posted 3 years ago

mb595x says:

Very confused as to why list creation is buried in the settings.
Needs to be implemented somewhere on the main tasks screen.

Posted 2 years ago

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