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Alternative themes (skins)

bernard says:

It would be great if you'd allow users to choose different themes so they could control the layout and presentation of RememberTheMilk.

From looking at the HTML, it's clear you're already using a great deal of CSS.

I'll bet you could get some volunteers to provide alternate CSS definitions and get some really interesting layouts that provide more space for task details and even represent priority with a combination of colors and numbers.

Posted at 12:32pm on October 16, 2005

vicentginer says:

I like this idea: alternate layouts or skins for RTM.

For example, I would like a "big letters" minimalistic layout.

Posted 7 years ago

ryan.hammer says:

I'd like to be able to use RTM without my coworkers asking about "the cow"

Posted 4 years ago

ipsque says:

I would like to change the theme occasionally for novelties sake.

Posted 4 years ago

ima1380 says:

More colorful and happy themes would make it easier to confront all the tasks ahead...!

Posted 3 years ago

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