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Allow users to rename Inbox

waldir.leoncio says:

I don't know if more users do this, but I use my lists as project tabs, and in the Inbox I keep tasks that are not related to any particular project. I would very much like to be able to rename it to "Day-to-day" or something that would be better suited for my needs. Anyone with me?

Posted at 11:20pm on February 16, 2012

fpoeydomenge says:

I'd also like to rename my inbox, because in french "Boîte de reception" makes a really long tab and i'd prefere rename it to something shorter...

Posted 3 years ago

waldir.leoncio says:

Long tab names are a problem. One thing you could try to work around that is to use the A Bit Better RTM extension.

Posted 3 years ago

henrikba Pro says:

@fpoeydomenge - you could suggest a better string, or even participate in the localization program to fix it yourself.

@waldir.leoncio - Agree! A Bit Better is a crucial part of my setup ;)

Posted 2 years ago

spencow Pro says:

I want to rename all the tabs, but how?

Posted 6 months ago

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