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Add a 'phone number' field for locations

vja2 says:

I tried posting this to the old topic "phone #", but it was closed.

Instead of having a phone # field as part of a todo-list, it would be great to have it as part of a location. Often, I need to call one of my locations (like my barber!). Being able to say "call for hair cut appointment" and then setting location to "barber shop."

Really, I guess I'm asking for a more full featured address book -- if not phone #'s, why not websites ("make appointment on barber shop website...").

Basically, a location can be a collection of things: a number to call, a place to visit, a website to do something at.

Posted at 4:08pm on December 7, 2006

beau.raines Pro says:

If you had a phone number field, you could also integrate with some VOIP click to call feature...

Posted 8 years ago

narfdaddy says:

i agree with this comment... phones are still relevant and you usually have a phone number for a restaurant or an event. so, phone # should totally be part of a location, if possible. thanks :)

Posted 3 years ago

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