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A positive sound (moo?) when a task is checked off as complete

dragonlady9256 says:

I would enjoy having Milk moo approvingly whenever a task is checked off as completed because I'm just that much of a child-like procrastinator who needs external validation if only from a smart phone. Does Milk already do this or has anyone suggested it? Searches turned up zilch.

Posted at 1:34pm on January 24, 2012

steveshay says:

If you ever decide to implement something like this, please make it optional! Having my task list moo at me would be very distracting during a meeting. :)

Posted 2 years ago

osarjeant Pro says:

Reminders Moo on Android. i like this idea.

Posted 2 years ago

jonramster Pro says:

Hilarious idea.

Posted 2 years ago

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