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Ability to 'Select All' tasks

azulet2000 says:
Ability to select all so the user can edit all tags and postpone everything. Already saw this on android suggestion but not ipad.
Posted at 11:55pm on January 2, 2012
dandrake says:
Still needed on iOS apps. Thx.
Posted 3 years ago
venita.warren says:
oh, yes please! The ability to "select all" on iOS would be very helpful.
Posted 3 years ago
brentgiesler says:
Yep. Some of my lists have 100+ items. Touching each one individually to select it is a major pain.
Posted 10 months ago
mikevwoods says:
I use RTM as a shopping list, all items need to start completed. Because the default sort order for completed tasks is the completion date I need to select all items, uncomplete them, select them all again and complete them thus forcing an alphabetical sort order. I have to do this on my desktop because there is no facility to select all in the Android App. Please allow me select all or provide a sort order feature for completed tasks.
Posted 9 weeks ago
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