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Add a 'phone number' field for tasks

ramiak says:

It would be nice to add a phone number field, if the task for example involves calling someone. Right now I put it in the task title, but why is there a url but no phone number? I wish it is true that phones are outdated, but many companies don't think so yet.

Posted at 10:18pm on November 5, 2006

ranbarton ProPower Poster says:

If you were using some sort of VoIP system where clicking on a phone number did something, a la an http or mailto link, this would make sense. For most users, I'd think slapping the # in a note or the task title should do the trick, especially now that we can print the notes.

Posted 9 years ago

blackmoon says:

It should be possible to integrate a phone provider like "jajah" with the phone number. Maybe RTM could even profit from phone-calls made by this feature?

Posted 7 years ago

corey.g says:

I concur on adding a phone field. I use RTM for reminders of calls and it is handy to have a field to specify the phone

Posted 7 years ago

rajington says:

I'm also looking forward to this. Other people are looking for phone number fields as well, just spread apart a lot of topics.


If you're impatient you can use the "http://xxxxxxxxxxx.tel.QLNK.net" hack described in the last post here:

But this should be native.

Posted 7 years ago

kapluni says:

i also think it would be nice to have the phone number at the top level - even if i have to make the call the old-fashioned way

Posted 7 years ago

jonjudelson says:


Posted 7 years ago

graham.johnson says:

It seems that people in this forum have been asking for tappable phone numbers since 2006 (!). And five years on it's still not done. Would be a good time-saving feature.

Posted 4 years ago

hardeepnagi Pro says:

Can we please add a phone number field

Posted 3 years ago

tuvivienda Pro says:

pleased a click to call

Posted 1 year ago

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